VJ. Consulting

A global strategic assistance

Getting established in India

You want to get established in India but don’t know where to start, our consulting team is here to define a wining strategy for you.

Improving your performances

Your relationships with your partners in India are complicated, we can help you improve your performances.

Creating a brand

You are creating your brand and want to be supported, we will ease your tasks by giving you access to our wide network.

Getting established in India

India is an attractive country for companies that wish to use local ressources and workforce. Meanwhile, the country is difficult to understand and sometimes not quite reassuring when establishing a company locally.
Based in India since 2010, we’ve been able to apprehend the culture and surround ourselves with the best people (lawyers, experts, accountants, bankers…) and learn from the experiences of our different contacts and our own adventures.
From the legal frame to looking for the right offices, we are able to support you in your divers companies and local projects.
We’ve already assisted many companies in their projects of opening liaison offices or quality inspection centers.

Improving your performances

India is an attractive country for companies that want to call upon local resources and manpower. Meanwhile, it is a difficult country to understand and sometimes difficult when you have to work from a distance and be really confronted to the culture.
With a local experience of 6 years,  2 purchasing offices and a large local network, we hope we can help you find the solutions  to improve your  local interventions, your network and your performances.
With your team, we will analyse your current situation in the country and engage a list of recommendations and actions to implement in order to foster the success of your future interventions in India.

Creating a brand

You are a brand new company or preparing the creation of a brand, call upon us to discover our services. It is always hard to know who to surround yourself with during the creation of a company and even more when creating a brand. The skills required for that type of project cannot always be met in only one person.
This is why we offer our consulting services so that you can benefit from our network in the following domains :

• Graphic designers : image creation, visual identity, prints and illustrations
• Web designers : online shops website creation
• Stylists : Analyse of your brand identity and collection creation
• Model designers : Model creation and size gradation

Moreover, we can also offer help for the following :

• supplier choice
• production follow-up
• final quality control
• transportation

All the VJ. Sourcing India team is available for a more detailed presentation and personal action plan.